rekey commercial buildings

Call us for all your commercial lock & key needs, such as when:

    • You get locked out of your business, office, or other building or room.

    • You have to fire an employee or one quits who has keys or codes to access your business.

    • A key or lock stops functioning properly.

    • It becomes difficult to operate locks or keys.

    • A key to your business is lost, misplaced, or stolen.

    • You suspect or find out that someone has a key or code to one of your business’ locks that shouldn’t.
    • EVERY TIME you move in to a new business location. (Even if the landlord or prior occupant tells you that they gave you all of the keys in existence… you can never be sure!) Rekey the locks and BE SURE!

    • Your key gets broken off in a lock.

    • You have people coming into your business such as cleaning people, maintenance workers etc… and you want to control which door, locks, or times that they may enter your business.

    • A panic bar or exit device stops working properly.

    • A new lock or exit device needs to be installed.

    • You need magnetic locks installed or your existing maglock system repaired.

    • You need to setup a Masterkey System.

    • You want all of your locks to work with a single key.

    • You have a door that doesn’t close properly or doesn’t stay closed.

    • You can’t get a door to open.

New commercial lever locks installed

Commercial Lever Lock

Our Locksmiths can usually get you back inside pretty quickly, and usually without any damage to your locks too. Our Locksmiths can make you a new key from your existing lock, or rekey all of your locks to a different key. Don’t replace your locks… let us come out and rekey them to a new key and the old keys will not work any more! Our Locksmiths can repair locks that aren’t operating properly and help you avoid a lockout or other inconvenience. Our Locksmiths can do a complete security survey of your business, and inform you of potential security issues that you may not otherwise be aware of.

Rekey Locks on Commercial Stores

Rekey locks on stores

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