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To Rekey or change the combination of a lock on your home one of our locksmiths will come to your home, then remove each lock that you want to rekey, then the locksmith will take the lock cylinders out to the mobil service vehicle. The locksmith then takes the lock cylinders apart on his or her work bench. Next will be to remove the existing lock pins or lock tumblers as some call them, the locksmith will cut a new key that has a bitting or key cuts that are different from your old key cuts, next the locksmith will insert new lock pins or lock tumblers in the lock cylinder that are the appropriate size to match and accomodate the new key to work the lock cylinders. After this process, the keys that previously operated the lock cylinder will not work anymore, and instead only the new keys will operate the locks. The locksmith then re-installs your locks on your doors, lubricates the locks and makes any needed strike plate adjustments, so that your newly rekeyed locks operate smoothly. Your locks have now been re-keyed and you have saved the added cost of buying new locks and hardware. Our locksmiths also make it a point when rekeying locks on a home, to remove any master pins or master tumblers that may have been placed inside the lock cylinders by the builder of the home. Many home builders will key all the locks in a new neighborhood they are building to what is called a construction master key system. When the home is sold and the new home owner first uses their keys in the locks, several small ball bearings will fall into pre-drilled chambers in the lock to disable the master key from functioning. The problem is that there are still additional master pins in the lock which will allow other keys to operate the locks in addition to the new home owner’s keys. These are called ghost keys. These additional pins also make it easier to pick the locks.

Fort Worth Locksmiths always recommends that you rekey all of the locks when you move into or buy a new house or business.


Fort Worth Residential Locksmiths can rekey or change your locks today!

Fort Worth residential locksmiths can rekey or change the locks on your house and remove the master pins too!


Fort Worth Locksmiths always recommends that you rekey all of the locks when you move into or buy a new house or business.


Fort Worth residential locksmiths always recommends that you rekey all of the locks when you move into or buy a new house or business.


Keep your family safe.

Always make sure that you have a professional Locksmith come out to your new home and rekey all of your locks whenever you move into a new residence.

Having your locks rekeyed by a professional Locksmith gives you assurance and peace of mind that no previous occupant will be able to enter your home using an old key. Some people think that they are safe because the real estate agent or previous occupant gave them a couple of sets of keys and said that was all of them. These people do not consider that the previous family may have had a son or daughter who may have had a girlfriend or boyfriend who was given a key, a baby sitter, a nanny, a handyman, caregiver. The list goes on and on. There are many good people in this world… there are also many not so good people… do you know which ones have a key to get in your house anytime they want to? Don’t become a victim or statistic, change your locks!

Our professional Locksmiths will come to your home usually the same day that you call unless you wish to schedule an appointment for a later date. Once onsite, the Locksmith can inspect all of your doors and windows, to make sure that each opening into your home can be properly secured. The Locksmith will advise you of any potential security problems that you might not otherwise be aware of. Our Locksmiths can usually make all of your locks work with one key, and replace worn out locks. The Locksmith can install a secure deadbolt lock on each of your doors making it difficult for a would be intruder to gain entry. Many people also forget all about the overhead door openers on their attached garages! It is a complete waste of time to rekey all of your locks on your home and not clear the remotes out of your garage door opener and reprogram the remotes you have. We can usually take care of this for you as well, just make sure you have all te remotes available so we can program them in while we are onsite.

If you have people that regularly come into your home such as maids, cleaning people, caregivers, etc… our Locksmiths can also do special keying on your locks where you have one key that will open all of your locks (a “Master Key”), and another key we can provide that will only operate one or more locks. This is beneficial to some home owners, because you can control which doors or locks that these outside people can enter through and when. This also can save you money, because in the event that you wish to stop allowing one or more of these people into your home that have keys, for whatever reason, normally you would have to rekey every lock in your home, to be sure that they can’t get in anymore… However when your locks are master keyed you will only need to rekey the lock or locks that their key was designed to operate, your master key is not affected at all. If you have a lot of locks on your home this is a wise choice! Ask us about a maid key.


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Call us for all of your lock needs in your home, such as:

  • You get locked out of your house, condo, apartment, bedroom, or garage.

  • Your key or lock stops functioning properly.

  • It becomes difficult to operate a key or a lock.

  • A key to your home is lost, misplaced, or stolen.

  • You suspect or find out that someone has a key or code to one of your lock or locks that shouldn’t.

  • EVERY TIME you move in to a new home. (Even if the landlord or prior occupant tells you that they gave you all of the keys in existence… you can never be sure unless you have all of your locks rekeyed yourself).

  • A key breaks off inside of the lock.

  • You need new locks installed.

  • You want all your locks to work with a single key.

  • Your door doesn’t close properly or doesn’t stay closed.

  • You can’t get a door to open.

Our Locksmiths can usually get you back inside quickly, and usually without any damage to your locks.

Our Locksmiths can repair locks that aren’t operating properly and help you avoid a lockout or other inconvenience.

Our Locksmiths can do a complete security survey of your home, and inform you of potential security issues that you may not otherwise be aware of.

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