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We have a Safecracker with 26 years experience who can open many safes with little or no damage at all. On some safes he can just dial them open instead of drilling, and then give you the existing combination, or set a new one for you. A safecracker also known as a safeman or boxman is a professional who opens safes when the owner can no longer open them, maybe the combination to the safe was lost, or maybe a burglar tried to break into the safe and broke the dial or handle off or both, maybe the combination just stopped operating all of the sudden.

A Safecracker can open your safe with the least amount of damage as possible, remove any broken parts, and install a new lock or locks if needed. Some safes also have a key which in some cases may require the cylinder to be replaced, sometimes we can just rekey the lock and cut new keys.

Our safecracker can open your locked safe regardless of what type of safe you have. Many safes can be opened with no damage at all, others must be drilled and then can usually be repaired and put back in service.
We can repair your safe if it stops functining properly or gets difficult to operate.
We can also service your safe to help prevent a costly lockout situation.
We can move your safe no matter how big or heavy it is, to a different location and bolt it securely to the floor if necessary.
We can change the combination on your safe. (Electronic locks and Dial locks)
We can install electronic push button locks on many safes if you prefer not to have to dial a combination, then you can just enter your code into a keypad and then open the safe door. (We do recommend mechanical dial locks over the electronic however.)

Call us for all your safe needs, such as:

  • To purchase a new or used safe.

  • To have your unwanted safe just hauled away.

  • If your safe becomes difficult to open or close. (NEVER slam or force a safe door closed... if it is difficult to operate at all, just leave it open and call us, it will cost you more if we have to get it open.)

  • If you begin having to dial the combination more than once to unlock your safe.

  • If your safe has not been serviced within the last year. (Two years if the safe is opened less than once per month)

  • If your safe will not open any more.

  • If you have lost or misplaced the combination to your safe, or forgotten the correct dialing sequence.

  • If your electronic safe lock begins making irregular beeping or chirping noises.

  • You break a key off in the lock.

  • If you need to change your safe combination.

  • If you find out that somebody has obtained your combination, or a copy of a key to your safe.

  • If you need to have your safe bolted down.

  • If somebody attempted to break into your safe. (Please call the police first, if this is the case)

  • You have only been turning your safe dial a couple of numbers each day to lock and unlock it, and now somebody came along and turned the dial all the way around and you have no idea what the combination is or how to unlock the safe.

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