Car Key Replacement Service

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If you have lost your car key, or your car keys were stolen, our automotive locksmiths can replace your lost car key right away. Just give us a call and we will give you a quote then we will quickly come to your location in Fort Worth. We will cut you a new car key right there on the spot. This includes regular car keys, remote head keys, and VATS keys. We also program computer chip keys and transponder keys into your vehicle’s computer if your vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer system up to 2007.

Regular Replacement Car Keys

Regular car keys are just plain metal keys with no plastic or rubber anywhere on them These keys do not have a computer chip or transponder embedded in them. Regular car keys have been around for many years and are the least expensive car keys to replace when lost.

You will find that many locksmiths in the area do not even know how to make many of these older types of keys without a key code. A lot of local locksmiths are only able to make a new car key if they can obtain a key code first.

We have been making car keys from scratch since 1990 with and without access to key codes. Back in those days we had to make keys from scratch right from your car without any key codes for the most part, simply because there was nowhere to get key codes back then. So we know how to make car keys with or without a key code.

Many auto manufacturers only retain key codes for a certain number of years after the the car was produced, then they purge the codes from their system. Save yourself the hassle of having somebody show up that don’t know how to make a new car key for you without access to a key code, just call us we have got you covered..

GM Regular Car Key



Replacement Computer Chip Car Keys

Beginning in 1997 car manufacturers began placing computer chips also known as transponders in many of the new car keys. Each year after that they increasingly put computer chips or transponders inside of the heads of car keys more and more. Transponder chips must be programmed into your vehicle’s computer system before they will allow your car to start. Transponder chips were designed partly to increase security and make it more difficult to steal cars, and partly to keep after market shops from taking work away from the dealerships.

Many vehicle manufacturers will change their keys, computer chip types or their programming requirements a couple times each year just to make it more difficult for people to get help without going to a car dealership’s service department.

Due to excessive programming hardware and software costs as a result we have scaled back our replacement car key services.. currently we only program car keys up to the year 2007.

Chevy Transponder Computer Chip Key

Did Your Car Key Break Off In The Lock?

If you should accidentally break your key off in your ignition lock, door lock, trunk lock, glove compartment, or gas cap, don’t be alarmed. We can come out and remove the broken car key from the lock in most cases without any damage, then make you a new key. We do not recommend allowing anyone to try using any method to remove a broken car key. This almost always end up costing you more in the long run. Untrained individuals usually end up damaging the key and the lock, causing us to have to install a new lock that we probably wouldn’t of had to had we been called right away to just remove the broken key in the first place. In other cases we have arrived to find not only the lock damaged but also steering columns broken to the point where there was no option except to replace the entire steering column. This is a costly mistake, so just let us do it the right way and save your money!

Broken key in ignition





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