Replacement Motorcycle Keys

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Tarrant County Lock & Safe’s automotive locksmiths come to your location near Fort Worth and make replacement motorcycle keys on the spot and from scratch when they have been lost, misplaced or stolen.

Don’t transport your bike to the dealer and pay to replace all of your locks! We can make you another key that will work just like the key that came with your motorcycle when it was new.

Harley Davidson replacement motorcycle key sitting on the seat of the bike

How Do We Make Replacement Motorcycle Keys?

It depends on the year make and model of your motorcycle how we will make the key. On some bikes we will pick the gas cap lock and remove it from the motorcycle. Then we will disassemble the lock and determine the sizes of the wafers inside and cut a key to match them. Once we have a key that works in that lock, we will reassemble the lock and reinstall the gas cap back on the bike. If necessary we will progress the remaining wafers located in another lock such as the ignition lock, helmet lock, seat lock or fork lock.

Some bikes we will make a key from scratch by impression. Keys by Impression are made using a blank key, a pair of vice grip pliers and a pippin file. We apply small amounts of pressure against the wafers in the lock, which make small impressions on the blank key while inserted in a lock. We file the key until each wafer aligns properly and the key begins to operate the lock.

Other bikes we will be able to obtain a key code off of one of the locks. We can then look up that code to determine the key bitting and cut a replacement key.

Many Harley Davidson Motorcycles use the round keys (like pictured above). For these bikes we have a special pick that we use to pick one of your locks. We can then decode our pick directly and cut a new key from the information obtained during the decoding process.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Replacement Motorcycle Key Made?

The time involved varies from one motorcycle to another due to different variables. However we can usually get you back in the wind fairly quickly. Just give us a call and we will give you a solid quote to make your replacement motorcycle key. We will then let you know approximately how soon we can get to your location.

We ride bikes too, so we know how irritating it is when you can’t ride due to some issue with your motorcycle. Many keys can be made within an hour or so after we arrive at your location in the Fort Worth area. There always seems to be something that goes wrong with motorcycles and usually at the worst possible time.

Fortunately if you have just lost your only motorcycle key, it is a simple fix that we can remedy. So you won’t have to go without riding your bike for long. We can usually be out the same day to get you a new key for your motorcycle.We make replacement motorcycle keys for Harleys like this one

We make replacement motorcycle keys for many bikes made by:

  • Harley Davidson
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha



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