Residential Locksmiths in Fort Worth

Residential Locksmith Services in Fort Worth

Our residential locksmiths service all communities in the Fort Worth area. Calling our residential locksmiths can bolster security in your home whether it’s a house, condo, co-op or apartment. Our expertly trained and professional technicians are proficient in all aspects of sales, installation, lock service & lock repairs, and will ensure that your experience with our company is beneficial.

Our Residential Services Include:

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Skeleton key in an antique lock keyhole

Emergency Locksmith Service

Our company offers emergency residential locksmith services. In the event of a lockout or other emergency situation, our licensed and insured locksmiths are adept at resolving any lock or key issue in an efficient manner. Our locksmiths are available to respond to your emergencies and will assist you whether you require emergency lockout services, lock rekeying, broken key removal, or lock repair services.
A cutaway lock sylinder showing the internal workings

Lock Rekeying

Our residential locksmiths provide lock rekeying services in Fort Worth and all surrounding areas. Lock rekeying is the specialized process through which the interior pins or tumblers of a lock are taken out and replaced with new pins, rendering any previous keys incapable of operating the lock. Rather than replacing entire lock systems when keys are misplaced or lost, rekeying is a more cost effective solution, preventing any future unauthorized entry using any old keys.

New Lock Installation

We provide residential new lock installation services. Call our professional residential locksmiths provide basic lock installation services with high-quality lock products. Installation services range from front door, bedroom, bathroom, windows, garage, sheds and more. We install deadbolts, door knob locks, lever locks, mortise locks, and mailbox locks.

Replacement Locks

We offer residential lock replacement services. Sometimes keys break in locks, locks can become old and worn out, or a simple upgrade is required due to weathered lock finishes. In many of these instances lock replacement is required; a process by which the current lock system is taken out and a we install a complete new lock. Whether you require lock replacement on your front door , garage, bathroom, or bedroom our licensed residential locksmiths can replace your faulty or outdated locks with new locks.

Key Duplication

We also provide key duplication services while at your home. In the event of a lockout, it is the perfect time to have additional keys duplicated to help you avoid future lockouts. After we unlock your door and let you in your house, be sure to ask the locksmith to cut some spare keys for you.

Emergency Lockout Services

Tarrant County Lock & Safe provides emergency lockout services to help you get back inside your home quickly in the event you find yourself locked out of the house. Upon receiving your call, our locksmith will be dispatched to your location as quickly as possible. We can usually pick open most locks in no time at all, unless they happen to be high security locks. When high security locks are present on all doors of your home and on rare occasions when a lock will not pick, we will need to drill out the lock. We will then need to install a new lock in those cases.

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Safe Installation Services

We offer professional safe installation services of all types. We sell state of the art safes made by American Security Products (AMSEC). Our safe technicians are prepared to install wall safes, jewelry safes, high-security safes and gun safes with our vast selection of Amsec safe products ranging from combination dial safes and electronic keypad safes, to key operated safes.

A happy couple standing in the front yard of a house with a for sale sign

Master Key System Solutions

If you have people that regularly come into your home such as maids, cleaning people, caregivers, etc. Our residential locksmiths can do special keying when rekeying your locks. We can make it where you have one key that will open all of your locks (a “Master Key”), and another key that will only operate one or more locks of your choosing.

This is beneficial to some home owners, because you can control which doors or locks that these outside people can enter through and when. This also can save you money. In the event that you wish to stop allowing one of these people into your home that have keys for whatever reason, normally you would have to rekey every lock in your home, just so they can’t get in anymore.

However when your locks are master keyed, you will only need to rekey any locks that their key fits. Your master key is not affected at all. If you have a lot of locks on your home this is a wise choice! Ask us about a master key system or maid key system.

A Baldwin solid brass handleset lock

Because you know the real meaning of curb appeal.

Real Estate experts know the value of “curb appeal” in selling a home, but you know that your entry set makes an impression on everyone who enters your home. The right entry set is a unique combination of look and feel, of design and craftsmanship.

With every touch, Baldwin hardware sends a message of quality and style throughout the life of your door. For an investment in your home that pays dividends for many years to come, Baldwin offers a full suite of entry products and harmonizing locks and numbers, kick plates and bell buttons, knockers and lighting. Choose Baldwin because your front door speaks volumes, and you want guests to like what it says. Use Baldwin locks when only the best will do.