Rekey Locks On Your Home

Need to change or rekey Locks On Your Home?

Tarrant County Lock & Safe offers lock rekeying services in Fort Worth for all residential buildings or homes. Lock rekeying is the process through which the pins or tumblers of a lock are removed and new pins of a different size are installed. As opposed to having to replace your entire lock when your keys are lost or stolen, lock rekeying is much less expensive and less time consuming. After the process of rekeying the locks in your residence is completed, you are then issued brand new keys that will now operate your locks. All of the old keys will now no longer operate the locks.

residential lock rekeying in fort worth tx

By rekeying all of your residential locks including front door, rear door, side door, garage door etc.. you can make all of your locks operate with a single key. By doing this you no longer need to carry a bunch of different keys.

Can you rekey all of my locks so they all use one key?

Yes, if all of your locks use the same keyway. To determine if all of your locks have the same keyway, take one of the keys that operates one of your locks and try to slide that key into every lock you have on your home. The key doesn’t have to turn.. just go all the way in. As long as one of your keys will enter each lock, we can key them all alike with no problem at all in most cases.

Lock Rekeying Benefits:

  • One of the major benefits of lock rekeying is that it’s much cheaper than replacing all of your locks. If you instead replace your locks completely, you will have to pay for new hardware in addition to possibly having to modify the door to accept new locks.
  • Anybody who has an old key can no longer enter unless you give them a new key.
  • Your new keys will work as good as if you bought a new lock.
  • You keep your existing hardware.
  • We can key all your locks alike so only one key is needed for all of them.
  • Less keys to keep up with.