DFW Safe Maintenance Services

DFW Safe Maintenance Services


Like everything that is mechanical in nature, safes need to receive periodic maintenance in order to continue to operate properly for any length of time. Tarrant County Lock & Safe provides professional safe maintenance services that will keep your safe working like new for years.

The more use a safe gets, the more often it will need to be serviced. A safe located in a busy restaurant will be operated multiple times each day. A safe such as this should be serviced at least two times per year. A home safe that gets opened around once a month can go 3 or 4 years before it will need serviced. A safe that sits without use for many years also will need to be serviced because the lubrication over time will dry out or become sticky. This will cause the safe to be difficult to operate.

As a good rule you should schedule a service call to have maintenance performed on your safe anytime you begin to notice your safe is becoming more and more difficult to operate. Maybe the handle is getting harder to turn, or the dial starts making you dial it several times before it will unlock. Perhaps the door is getting harder to open or close.

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Safe Maintenance Services We Provide:

  • Remove all old lubrication, re-lubricate and rebuild dial locks and key locks.
  • Re-center and reset combinations.
  • Clean, lube and adjust bolt work.
  • Adjust and lubricate hinges.
  • Check all nuts, bolts and set screws for proper tightness.
  • Re-weld any broken welds on the safe or door.
  • Lubricate any other moving parts on your safe.