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Electronic Safe Locks in DFW

Electronic safe locks or E-Locks have a circuit board and a keypad that controls the locking mechanism on the inside of the safe. With an electronic safe lock it is easy to access your safe quickly. There is no need to keep track of keys, or remember how to operate a dial safe lock.

You just need to enter your code using the keypad, if it is the correct code, the safe will immediately unlock. When you are ready to lock your safe, just close the safe door, turn the handle and the auto-relocking feature will lock your safe for you. It is very convenient!

There is no need to keep track of keys, or remember how to operate a dial safe lock. However, if you enter the wrong code multiple times, an electronic safe lock will lock you out for a period of time. This is not convenient, but provides security to keep people from trying to guess your code.

Do Electronic Safe Locks Need to be Serviced?

Electronic safe locks are not serviceable mechanical devices. Some people still prefer to have a mechanical safe dial lock. Primarily because of the risk of electronic safe locks failing. Just like any other electronic device.

The only service required is replacing the batteries at least once per year. You should also replace the batteries more often, if you open your safe frequently on a daily basis.

What if my Electronic Safe Lock won’t open?

The first thing you should try when your safe wont open, is install fresh batteries. Before we drill a safe that has an electronic safe lock, we will usually test the lock with a different keypad first. This eliminates the possibility that only the keypad needs replacing. When electronic safe locks fail, unfortunately the only option available is to drill open the lock in order to get into the safe. Then we must also replace the lock.

What if there is an EMP attack?

Others fear not being able to access their safe in the event of an EMP attack (Electromagnetic Pulse attack). However Sargent and Greenleaf claims that their high-security electronic locks are proven to withstand military-level EMP attacks.


When replacing batteries on electronic keypad safe locks, ALWAYS replace ONLY with Duracell or Energizer batteries. This is imperative! We get many calls for emergency safe opening where a customer buys new batteries for their electronic safe locks. Upon arrival, we find cheap off brand batteries in use. After we install fresh Duracell or Energizer batteries, the safe usually opens right up.

We install electronic locks that are among the best in the industry. They are LaGard and Sargent & Greenleaf.

S&G EMP Electronic Safe Locks - Keypad

LaGard Electronic Safe Locks - Keypad