DFW – Safe Boltwork

bolt work 143x300 - DFW - Safe BoltworkAn often overlooked item on safes that needs regular maintenance is the safe bolt work. When the safe bolt work doesn’t receive the necessary service it will become hard to operate. This will make it difficult to open, close and lock your safe.

Over time the grease used on your safe bolt work will become dry and sticky. When this happens the safe bolt work cannot move freely. In extreme cases you eventually will be unable to open your safe, unable to close your safe, or unable to lock your safe.

We have seen rare cases where the safe bolt work was in such bad shape that the customer actually broke their handle off, just trying to open or close the safe.

One of the things Tarrant County Lock & Safe does when providing safe repair service to your safe is to properly clean and lubricate your safe bolt work so it continues to operate like it should for years to come.

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