DFW – Safe Dial Locks

DFW – Safe Dial Locks

S&G Safe Dial locks

If your safe has a safe dial lock that you must spin to enter your combination, you should have Tarrant County Lock & Safe service the lock at least every two years. When the safe with a dial lock is in a commercial environment, or  you operate it more than one time per day, then it will need servicing at least once every year.

Safe dial locks that go without proper service, will begin not opening on the first try. The longer the safe dial lock goes without service, the more difficult it will become to operate the lock.

Soon you will have to dial the combination multiple times before the lock will open. Finally the day will come when the lock will no longer open, no matter how many times you dial the combination.

When safes that have safe dial locks get in this condition, we can usually get the safe dial lock to open one last time without damage. Then we can rebuild the lock and put it back in service.

On the occasion that the safe dial lock fails to open one last time, on most safes we will have to remove the dial and drill a small behind it to open the lock.

Afterwards we will have to replace the lock and dial in order to put the safe back in service.

Tip: If your safe dial lock doesn’t unlock on the first dialing attempt more than once, call Tarrant County Lock & Safe to schedule a safe repair service so we can service your safe and get it working like new once again.