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DFW – Safe Hinges

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Another overlooked item on safes that needs regular maintenance is the safe hinges. Safe hinges are in use every time you open and close the safe door. Just like on the safe bolt work, the grease on the safe hinges over time will become dry and sticky.

This makes it difficult to open and close the safe door. If servicing the safe hinges is overlooked for a long time, eventually the the hinges will wear out completely. When this happens the door will no longer close properly. The door will begin to drag on the bottom of the safe.

The longer you ignore this issue the worse it will become. Finally one day you will no longer be able to close your safe door unless you pick up on the door. On safes with extremely heavy doors, lifting the door will not be possible.

Many safes have hinges that are not easily replaceable, so make sure lack of servicing your safe hinges doesn’t end up requiring you replace your safe.